Lab resources

Here are some useful resources (work in progress in my spare time). Know of any other good ones? Let me know!

Finding science 🙂

PubMed – paper repository. you can set up alerts for particular search terms -keywords, authors, combinations – life saver!

Web of Science

Twitter – surprisingly useful as long as you acknowledge that your news will be biased by who you follow. Follow journals, scientists, funding agencies etc for all sorts of science/funding-related news

Molecular Biology

reverse complement – gives you the reverse complement for your sequence

ligation calculation tool – calculates how much insert to use for given vector: insert ratios for different sizes

codon translation (standard eukaryotic)

common sequences – sequences of promoters, selection markers and reporters

PCR primer analysis – this page also has a ton of other tools which I haven’t explored




BLASTn – nucleotide similarity search

multiple sequence alignment (EBI – they also have a load of other useful tools)


Cell mentor – from technical webinars to general science careers advice