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Harriet Groom


I am the Stanley Elmore Research Fellow at Sidney Sussex College where I am Director of Studies for Biological Natural Sciences. I also teach the first year undergraduate course Biology of Cells. Previously I was a Henslow Research Fellow at Downing College, funded by the Cambridge Philosophical Society and an Associate Principal Investigator in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge. I now hold an Honorary Visiting Research Fellowship in the Department and continue to supervise projects.

I am hosted in Professor Andrew Lever‘s lab with whom I work closely on our HIV-1 restriction project along with Dr Manj Sandhu and Dr Hoi Ping Mok as part of a wider collaboration with the International Collaboration for the Genomics of HIV. I also collaborate with Dr Julia Kenyon on SARS-CoV-2 RNA structures. Below are some of the colleagues I work with.

Gennaro Iaconis

Gennaro is a Postdoctoral Research Associate working on an MRC research grant held jointly with Professor Andrew Lever, Dr Manj Sandhu and Dr Hoi Ping Mok.

Gennaro graduated cum magna laude  from “Federico II” University of Naples with a thesis on the effects of SUMOylation on p63.

Later he moved to UK, where he undertook a Master in Molecular Medicine at Imperial College London. Here he spent 9 months Professor Barclay’s lab, studying Influenza RdRp at single molecule level.

Then he moved to The Pirbright Institute (UK) and he started a PhD program in collaboration with the University of Liverpool. He tried to better understand the role of Rotavirus NSP1 in downregulation of the immune response and its role in zoonosis infection.

In March 2019 he moved to Cambridge and he joined Professor Lever’s group. Here, under the supervision of Dr Harriet Groom, he is studying HIV restriction factors. When I am not spending nights and days in the lab, I like to travel and discover new countries and cultures. I enjoying swimming, running and cycling, however, I do like spending a bit of time at home reading, playing videogames and cooking. As I said, days should be of 48hours…

Isobel Jarvis

Izzy is a Research Assistant and Masters student working on an MRC research grant held jointly with Professor Andrew Lever, Dr Manj Sandhu and Dr Hoi Ping Mok.

Fanny Salasc

Fanny is a Postdoctoral Research Associate currently working on the genetic variation in SAMHD1, jointly supervised with Professor Lever.

Kayden Xie

Kayden recently joined the lab as a part III (4th year undergraduate) student and will be working with Julia and I on SARS-CoV-2 RNA structures.

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