What a lovely surprise from my @SidneySussex biologists. So proud of them for navigating a really tough first year at university (and grateful that they came to say goodbye in the rain!)😍

Today is the 1st #GVCSummit. I stand up for the importance of vaccination in the fight against #COVID19. Now is the time to build confidence in vaccines & ensure a healthier future for all #GlobalVaccineConfidence #G7 @FCDO @DominicRaab https://www.immunology.org/news/global-vaccine-confidence-bsi-call-action via @britsocimm

It's the week before exams and I'm messaging my students with at least one biology joke per day. Hit me with your favourites!(extra points if they are cell biology specific)

It may not be a beer in the bar but I am happy to settle for a glass of wine, chatting science on slack and watching talks with the kids. Miss you #cshlretro but having a blast anyway. Check out poster 126 for insights into African specific genetic control of HIV infection 🧑‍🔬

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