The latest issue of @The_Biochemist takes a close look at research culture. Including articles on the design of biochemistry courses and who might feel excluded, LGBTQ+ discrimination, the breastfeeding biochemist @HarrietGroom & an interview w @jesswade

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Read the latest issue of The Biochemist on Research Culture #MondayMotivation #BiosciencesForAll

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Read @HarrietGroom's article 'The breastfeeding biochemist parent: planning, pumping and perfectionism' in our latest issue of The Biochemist.

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Well that'll teach me to check my emails on a Friday night. I can now add "paper rejection" to "bereavement" and "missing the last 3 lab days before school holidays due to covid-19 scare" to the list of ways in which this week sucked. Wine please!

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