Watch our Honorary Fellows Lecture - Should we trust statistics? by Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter FRS OBE.

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Looking for a PhD level scientist with a few years of post-doc experience to perform studies on HIV integration sites. If interested, please apply below!

There are 14 million people on Twitter from the UK.

That’s 14 million people with a reason to be grateful for the NHS in 2021.

If you’re one of them, please follow and RT and help support NHS staff as they fight against Omicron in 2022.

Thank you 💙

We are recruiting a tenure-track assistant professor in host-microbe interactions at Global Health Insitute of EPFL (Lausanne). Deadline Jan 31st #InfectiousDiseases, #Immunology, #Microbiota, #FacultyPosition

To anyone looking for a postdoc position on the molecular virology of RNA viruses (primarily flu) at the moment - I have a position available in my lab. See for more details and/or drop me an email

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